Individual or small group tuition in literacy and maths is delivered using proven IMG_4725evidence-based strategies and approaches that suit pupils with additional needs. There are many skills required to become an independent and successful learner and often these get forgotten. As well as improving overall literacy and numeracy knowledge, lessons will make these skills explicit and ensure the pupil knows how to utilise them to their best advantage in a classroom environment.

Lessons are carefully planned and tailored to suit the specific needs of individual pupils. Another Way Round does not believe in a one size fits all model and we go out of our way to ensure that pupils learning styles are fully recognised, understood and utilised to the pupil’s best advantage. Lessons will include a balance of practical hands on activities, coupled with written work and rehearsal of key skills ensuring pupils don’t become bored or static in their learning.

At the end of each 50 minute lesson, brief feedback is given to parents and the pupil in terms of progress that has been made and what the next steps are. If appropriate, work can also be provided to be continued at home. In order to ensure that the pupil has a voice and is in control of their learning, each block of lessons will begin with the pupil and tutor having a chat about how the pupil feels they learn best and what exactly they feel they need to work on. This is a powerful tool that is revisited each lesson.

The nature of the tuition provided will ensure that progress is accelerated – even disengaged learners can become independent and empowered learners!


Our son started to show signs he was struggling at primary school he carried on achieving but found his learning to be an exhausting struggle. We asked Jo to assess him and from this assessment found him to be very dyslexic. Jo was then able to help him identify strategies to enable his learning through individual tutoring and recommendations for school. The result was a happier and more confident young man who was better able to learn by utilising the Strategies he had developed with Jo. As his learning needs have changed she has been able to work with him to ensure that he has new strategies to meet his new challenges. I can strongly recommend Jo she has worked wonders for our son.


We were lucky enough to have been recommended Jo last summer by a friend when I was looking for a tutor for the children. When Jo arrived we all clicked straight away, her patient and understanding of children of all ages is brilliant. My children show dyslexic tendencies, my daughter struggles with English & my son with maths. Jo put great strategies in place for both of them. My daughter now uses mind maps to help stop all the confusion in her lessons & my son has been learning his times tables and has learnt to take it all a little bit slower! It really helps that Jo understand just how hard day to day can be for dyslexic children.

My two said ” She is really fun, really helpful and great” . We will continue to use Jo for any help we need out of school.