Full Diagnostic Assessments


Concerned or unclear why a child is not making progress?

A comprehensive assessment will identify strengths and provide practical recommendations that can be used both at home and at school.

The assessment will identify where strengths are and will explore reasons why a learner may not be making progress. Several assessment tools will be used, and the duration of the assessment will be 2-3 hours.

Following the assessment a thorough report explaining the findings will be produced.
The report will examine the results of the assessment as well as consider the behaviours exhibited during the testing period to provide a holistic view of the learner on the day of the assessment.

The report will go on to explain strategies that will support the learner moving forward, with recommendations that will enable the learner to fulfil their potential and minimise the impact of dyslexia.

It’s never too late to have an assessment… it can be carried out at any age from 7- 97 years!

University students… Did you know that if you have a diagnosis of dyslexia you are entitled to additional funding through the Disabled Students Allowance (DSA)? The funding enables you to purchase specialist equipment such as laptops or dictaphones. More details can be found on the SASC Website (SpLD Assessment Standards Committee).


Our 10yr old son had been having some out of character, distressing, behavioural problems at school. It was suggested that he might have been struggling with his learning and that dyslexia may be the route of these problems. After chatting through our worries, Jo came and undertook the assessment with him, over two separate occasions, at our home. She immediately put his mind at ease and made the whole process fun.

The subsequent report that Jo provided was amazing. It explained thoroughly where our son was struggling, as well as his strengths. The report highlighted how this could be impacting on his behaviour and most importantly suggested strategies to help him both at home and school. It has helped us immensely to understand his learning needs and also empowered us to address these issues with school.


With the excellent help and support from Jo Rees, my son has benefited from her dyslexic report for him. The diagnosis has helped to make university accessible to him through the extra guidance and allowances given for exams and assessments.


[from the parent of an 18 year old off to start university]